A fault divorce is much less straightforward 
A fault divorce is much less straightforward 

A fault divorce is much less straightforward 

In contrast with a no-fault divorce, a fault divorce does not require a separation period. online Utah divorce

The spouse who is not at fault also is more likely to get more of the marital property, a larger alimony amount, and custody of any children. If both spouses are at fault, a court generally will grant the divorce to the spouse who is less at fault.

Although, the fault divorce has a few downsides of its own. A spouse cannot stop the other spouse from getting a no-fault divorce, while a fault divorce can be

contested. The spouse against whom the fault divorce is sought can argue that he or she is not at fault, or that the other spouse tolerated or provoked the activity on which the divorce is based.

Unsettling financial agreement:

Until the court of Fort Worth city makes a consent order, the financial agreement between divorcing spouses is not legally binding. It is not uncommon for one spouse to agree to a financial settlement, only then to have a change of heart a few days, weeks or even months later. If you find yourself in this situation, all is not lost – it can be very difficult for your ex to go back on an agreement but it may involve having to go to court. 

The extent to which your ex-spouse will be held to the terms of an agreement will depend upon a number of factors, including whether you both have had the opportunity to take legal advice and whether the terms of the agreement will meet both of your reasonable needs.

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