Is it Worth Investing in an Asbestos Survey?

If you suspect that asbestos is present in your building, then it is essential that this is investigated properly by a fully licensed company. Surveys are a legal requirement in the UK for many non-domestic structures, but even when it is not required by law a survey is a good idea in order to ensure that everyone understands what they are dealing with and the best approach to take.  asbestos survey company

There are 3 types of asbestos survey available. An outline of what you can expect from each type is given below:

Type 1 is a visual inspection of the building and is the cheapest and quickest way of putting your mind at ease while still complying with asbestos regulations. As it is a visual inspection only and no samples are taken, it is assumed that any suspicious material contains asbestos.

Type 2 is more detailed. A visual survey is carried out and any material suspected of containing asbestos is sampled and analysed. The laboratory tests will then prove or disprove the presence of asbestos, and the report will indicate the best way to proceed. This type of survey is the most common and is the most cost effective way of complying with asbestos legislation. It keeps removal costs to a minimum as no time or money is wasted on the ‘just in case’ approach associated with a type 1 survey.

Type 3 is also known as a ‘fully intrusive’ survey, and it is normally used when a building is to be demolished or fully refurbished and there is a high chance of asbestos containing materials being disturbed. Samples are taken in a more destructive fashion than for a type 2 survey, e.g. panels, bricks and coverings may be removed, and more samples are taken so that the location and amount of all asbestos present can be calculated.

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